What’s New

Whats New

May 1 2022

Version 8.2.2 of AIMS released

This is a bug fix for an issue with Hybrids Latin and Common names not showing on A10 and CITES applications. The name would appear as .F. for hybrids
April 18 2022

Version 8.2.1 of AIMS released

Age Class Graphs

We have added an Age Class graphing feature which allows you to view the number of males and females for any species in your stock by age class.

This helps in planning what birds you need to retain or obtain for breeding stock in order to retain a healthy age structure in your stock

Checking for updates feedback improved
AIMS now displays the detail of it connecting to our update server and getting files so that the user can see what is happening rather then a screen which just sits there whilst it is doing the work.

Issues fixed

On the egg control selecting Female by ID was not showing the list of females for each year.

If in edit mode and selecting multiple females in a room the form was being disabled by edit mode.  Edit mode has been disabled for this form.

Newly added eggs were not always sorting by number correctly.

April 15 2022

Version 8.20 of AIMS released

We are please to announce the release of version 8.20 of AIMS.

New in this version are:

    • Breeding season.
      Prior to this release all eggs were entered within a single year, with new egg numbers starting in the following year.For breeders who’s egg laying for any one season spans from one year to the next, for example laying is from October to February, they can now set a start and end date for the season and have their eggs shown and numbers in accordance with this.
      See this link for details Breeding Season

    • Allow selection of females in location if there is more than one in location.
      Prior to this release if there were more than one female in a location when entering eggs you were given the choose of only picking from all of your breeding females.AIMS now displays a list of all the breeding females in the location.You can still select to pick from all of your breeding females if the actual one is not show, for example if you have moved a bird and not recorded the movement.  If you select from all female list AIMS will automatically create the moment record for the female into that location for the date and time the egg was laid.
      This was added for some zoo users who have flocks of bird in a display area, such as flock of Flamingoes.

      Select from multiple females
      Select from multiple females
    • Speeded up ending incubation.
      On the first page of the egg form if you tick any of the following tick boxes AIMS will enter the current date and time for end of incubation and fill in the end of incubation reason.  This saves time when processing eggs:

      Quick end of incubation
    •  Two rings for birds..
  • You can now enter two rings for a bird in AIMS.
    We often ring a bird with two rings, one male size and one female size.
    Once we know the sex one can be removed.Aims now has two ring entry fields,  both of which are searchable.If you delete the ring number for ring 1 and save the record AIMS will move all the entries for ring 2 into ring 1 for you automatically.So if you have for example a Peregrine chick with W and V rings put the W as ring 1 and the V as ring 2.  Then it if’s a male just delete the ring 1 entry for just the ring number and AIMS will move the V ring, it;s type and location to the ring 1 entryIf it’s a female just delete the ring 2 entry AIMS will also clear the ring type and location for ring 2.

    A second ring has also been added to the add new birds to system form.

    • Bird form is now resizable
      For users on very high resolution screens, such a Apple monitors, you can now resize the bird form.
      This is done using a small button on the bottom right of the form.
      Click this and hold the mouse key down and drag the form to resize it.
      When you close and reopen the form it will remember how it was sent when you closed it and open at that size.
    • Other items
      Speeded up the Taxon tree on the last tab of the taxon form.
      Refactored a lot of code to make AIMS even faster.
      Updates various data validation routines
      Added default location for ring in preference form.
    • Getting the new update.If you have a current support subscription and are running version 8.0 or higher you can auto download and install new update from the check for updates menu option.If you have a current support subscription but are running a version lower than version 8.0 please contact us for a download link.If you do not have a correct support subscritopn please contact us for details on how to get one of these.
    • Added a number of new species to the Kw and pip times
      This is from several thousand more eggs  imported into our master incubation database.
July 21 2021

Version 8.0.3

This adds some validation code to the movement type form to ensure that the user selects that the entry is either an Acquisition, Disposition or Movement.

If a Movement it enforces  the location the bird is moved to be filled in.

June 28 2021

Version 8.0.2

This release fixes and issue where the CITES logo was not always being added to the PDF CITES application if the PDF was created directly rather than through a print preview option.

May 29 2021

Version 8.0.1

This is a minor release which has a preferences setting to allow you to auto print the egg report when you hatch an egg.


Tick this box on the printing page of the preferences if you want to auto print the egg report when you hatch an egg.



May 28 2021

Version 8.0

We are please to announce the release of version 8.0 of AIMS.

In this release we have added:

Auto update

This enables AIMS to download and install updates automatically.  You no longer have to download files and run them yourself.

Please see the link below for details

Auto Update

Egg Report

On page one of the egg form if you click on the print Icon AIMS will print for you a report for the egg.  This is a 4 part report:

  1. Data form page one and two
  2. Egg weight data from page three
  3. Movement data form page four
  4. Egg graph

For output you have the options of Print, PDF, Preview

Head count report

This is a stock report that gives for each location a count by species of males, females, total number fo birds in location.

This was requested by a user to do a quick headcount of their large number of birds.

May 13 2021

7.5.3 Released

Updated the A10 description field to fit more information into it.

If the parent species and their A10 information was included and the parent species name or their ring numbers were long the information would not all fit into the field.

The font size has been reduced to give more space and we have aded a checkbox in the preferences to include or exclude the parent species from the description.

The legislation does not require that the parent species ins included, just their ring number and A10 number if known.

Entry on CITES page

Entry on A10 page

These are in fact the same field, so unticked one will untick the other.

The default is unticked

With species

Without species


Added box on growth form to put chick ID colour.

Many of us colour mark our chicks to identify them until they are rung.

We have added a box at the top of the growth form for this, rather then just pt a blob of colour anywhere.


May 10 2021

7.5.1 Release

This fixes and issue with the file name allocated by AIMS when creating individual CITES and A10 applications.

The bulk applications were not affected by this.

May 9 2021

7.5.0 Release

We are please to announce the release of version 7.5.0 of AIMS

The main feature in this release is Bulk CITES and A10 Applications,
just in time for breeder who will be ringing their chicks about now

This allows you to make CITES permit or A10 applications for a batch of birds all at the same time.

If you had a brooder room with 20 chicks in it that you had just rung you can create the A10 Certificate or CITES Export applications for ALL of them in one go with just two mouse clicks.  One to select the brooder room on the control  and the second to click on the generate application button.

See link for details on this – Bulk CITES and A10 applications

Other additions

Added option in the incubation preferences so that when you pip an egg you will not be asked if you want to move it to the hatcher, you will just be taken to the new entry for the hatcher.  This saves time when piping eggs.

If left unchecked you will be asked if you want to move the egg to the hatcher

Fix an issue in Irish CITES and A10 applications.

If you have a female egg note there is now a button below that to allow you to automatically print the note with your pip labels.

Completely rebuilt the way AIMS prints and added a new much nicer print preview toolbar which has lots of new features – Need to document this.

Minor tweaks and data checking routines.