What’s New

Whats New

April 13 2023

Version 8.9.5

This release fixes an issue in the hybrid checking code that runs after an update if you have no stock and or no eggs in the system.
April 12 2023

Version 8.9.4

This fixes a bug introduced in version 8.9.2 which caused deleted records of egg data to show in the egg form.



April 12 2023

Version 8.9.3

On laptops with small screens there are sometimes issues viewing some of the forms in AIMS due to their size.

This can normally be resolved by altering the screen resolution or Windows Scaling.

When this can’t be done some parts of forms are cut off, in particular the egg form which holds a lot of information.

We have added a setting in the preferences which when checked will make the egg form smaller and allows the lower part of it to be viewed using a scrollbar on the right of the form.  This is on the general settings page of the preferences form.




April 9 2023

Version 8.9.2

This has some tweaks in it to stop the Kw form which is used to calculate the fresh weight of eggs the have been incubated by a bird from coming up several times.

In the past this was linked to a number of fields and if any data in those fields changed it brought the form up.

It now only appears if the date removed and length and width change.

You can right click on the Kw entry to bring the form back up if you want to change a Kw that has been used to calculate the fresh weight.

April 7 2023

Version 8.9.1

  1. Fixed very long hybrid names causing an issue with the title in egg graphs.
    These have now been cut to the first 254 characters of the common and latin name.
  2. When eggs are taken as clutches AIMS allows you to enter a range for the laid from and laid to dates.  The start of incubation date can be anywhere in between these if you do not enter an incubator on page one of the egg form, i.e. incubation started under a bird.If you candle the eggs when you take them and are able to determine the actual start date for each egg and then enter it,  AIMS will ask you if you want to alter the laid to date as that date, since the egg must have existed if it started incubation on that date.

    If you say yes AIMS will change the laid to date to that of the start date you have entered.  You will only be asked this once for each egg of the clutch.

    This saves time in having to do this manually.

April 5 2023

Version 8.9.0

In this release we have:

  1. Added option on the support page of the preferences form to allow the user to send a printer diagnostics report to our support staff.We had one user recently who is having issues with the printer module we use in AIMS.  This will allow us to see the setting for printing and assist in resolving such issues.

2. Enhanced the order for eggs when viewed by Last Weighted on the egg form.

Previously this was just the number of days since last weighed.

It is now by number of days then egg number, which makes it easier to work with.

3. Enhanced the checking code for hybrids so that it no longer reports errors when it comes across very weird hybrids that some users had created, probably by mistake.

4. A lot of small tweaks in code to make things even faster.

5. You will see in this release a new menu option Shipments.

This is a new feature coming soon which will produce all the documents needed to ship birds internationally.

It is locked out in this release as it is still being beta tested by a small number of users.



February 28 2023

Version 8.5.3

Productivity Graph

Added button to bird form to bring up a graph showing the productivity for a female.

Click on this to bring up the productivity graph.

This shows you, for each year of egg production, the number of eggs Laid, Fertile, Pipped and Hatched.

If you hover your mouse over one of the columns a tooltip will come highlighting the details of that column.

You can keep the form open, move back to the bird form, select another bird,  then click on the graph form and it will update the data to the bird you are now on.

Clicking on the print button on the toolbar will bring up a print preview of the graph allowing your to print it, or save as PDF etc.

Validate Microchips

Added code that checks that a microchip entry is of the correct length either 9, 10 or 15 digits long.



February 2 2023

Version 8.5.2

This release is to fix the offspring report which would not print correctly for bird coming from eggs which had no father entered on the egg form.

This has now be rectified and we have also added the date range of the data set to the report.

January 25 2023

Version 8.5.1

Location names /  numbers now sort correctly on reports and selection reports

Previously because all location names  are character rather than numeric they did not always sort properly.  This has now been fixed.

Fixes a bug in 8.5.0 when adding new location

January 23 2023

Version 8.50

You can now add last weight of bird to stock take report.

This is useful when medicating birds for such things as worming to calculate dosage

You can now add list of permits for each bird to stock take report.

This can be used to checking permits to make sure they are all entered or if you have a CITES compliance inspection

These are both controlled from the printing page of the preferences form.

Added US 3-186a Form for transferring birds.
Users permit numbers are saved after the first entry to auto fill in future entries.

When previewing reports you can now select from the toolbar to crates a PDF file copy of the report and drag it email, desktop, WattsApp etc.