Updating AIMS from a version earlier than 7.0

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First make a backup of your data from the File / Backup restore menu option.

Crate a temporary directory on your computer, something like 1Temp

Download the latest version of AIMS from the link in your Support Certificate and save it in the temporary directory.

If you don’t have a current Support Certificate please contact us for details on how to obtain one.

Extract the downloaded zip file into the temporary directory.

With your Support Certificate you will have been issued with a licence file AIM.LIC

Place this into the temporary directory with the visualaims_setup.exe file.

Right click on the visualaims_setup.exe file and select “Run as Administrator”

This will install AIMS over your existing install, without loosing any of your data.

Run AIMS and it will run some update routines when it first starts.

Next goto check system menu option

This will bring up the Check System form.

Run the Check Data after updating from version earlier than 7.0 button

Then run each of the other checks in order shown, except number 4 – Rebuild Taxon Databases, as that will have run automatically when you first ran AIMS after the update .

You now have the latest version installed and you are ready to go.

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